b'Drawtex Tracheostomy & How to use Drawtex Drawtex mechanisms of actionlift and move exudate,Tube Dressing wound debris, bacteria, and harmful MMPs away from theDrawtex is indicated for wounds with moderate to high levelswound bed, facilitating effective wound bed preparation. 1-12Drawtex Tracheostomy & Tube Dressing hasof exudate, including:NOTE: Drawtex is contraindicated for Drawtex facilitates removal of wound debris. 53 mechanisms of action to actively manageAcute wounds Chronic wounds arterial bleeding.sputum, enteric or urinary fluid, and other Complex surgical woundsLeg ulcersDrawtex draws exudate, bacteria, and harmful MMPs. 1-12secretions detrimental to skin integrity. 13BurnsDiabetic foot ulcersDrawtex sets the stage for endogenous healing or wound closure procedures. 1 Pressure ulcers (stage 2-4)Drawtex combines 3 mechanisms of action to differentiate it from other standard dressings.Advantages: Hydroconductive wound dressing technology Protocols for use Drawtex Product Information Draws out exudate, debris, bacteria and proteases 1,5,8,1214 Catalog # Size Carton Qty. Shipper Qty. Fits snugly around tube with interlocking closure Drawtex may be cut to conform to wound shape. Any side of Drawtex can be used 00300 2 x 2 in (5 x 5 cm) 10 Dressings 10 Cartons (100 Dressings) Advancing the science Cut Prevents peristomal maceration 14 Easy to use against the wound bed. 00301 3.5 x 3.5 in (9 x 9 cm) 10 Dressings 10 Cartons (100 Dressings)Catalog # 00310 Apply 00302 4 x 4 in (10 x 10 cm) 10 Dressings 10 Cartons (100 Dressings) of wound bed preparationFor dry or less exudative wounds, apply a nonadherent (perforated) dressing, such as 00303 6 x 8 in (15 x 20 cm) 10 Dressings 10 Cartons (100 Dressings)UrgoTul Contact Layer or UrgoTul Ag Contact Layer, before applying Drawtex. For bestresults, ensure nonadherent dressing has direct contact with wound bed. 00304 8 x 8 in (20 x 20 cm) 10 Dressings 10 Cartons (100 Dressings)Layer 00305 3.5 x 39 in (9 cm x 1 m) 5 Rolls 4 Cartons (20 Rolls)Drawtex Rope For moderately to highly exudative wounds, apply Drawtex directly to wound bed. 00306 4 x 39 in (10 cm x 1 m) 5 Rolls 4 Cartons (20 Rolls)For heavy exudate, apply additional layers as necessary.Drawtex Rope takes the Drawtex technology evenCover 00307 8 x 39 in (20 cm x 1 m) 5 Rolls 4 Cartons (20 Rolls)deeper, allowing you to reach deeper undermined orCover with a secondary dressing or bandage of choice. 00310 4 x 4 in (10 x 10 cm) Tube Dressing 10 Dressings 10 Cartons (100 Dressings)tunneled areas in your wounds without fear of losingChange 00321 3 8 x 18 in (1 x 46 cm) 10 Dressings 10 Cartons (100 Dressings)the dressing due to saturation. It isChange Drawtex every 1 to 3 days, as necessary. Once exudate is under control, dressing References: 1. Smith DJ, Karlnoski RA, et al. The treatment of partial-thickness burns with a hydroconductive wound dressing: clinical and mechanistic effects. Surgical Science. comfortable to any environmentmay be changed less frequently. If Drawtex is adherent, irrigate with saline for easy removal. 2013;4:268-272.2. Spruce P. Preparing the wound to heal using a new hydroconductive dressing. Ostomy Wound Management. 2012;58(7):2-3.3. Schultz GS, Sibbald RG, et al. Wound bed preparation: A systematic approach to wound management. Wound Rep Regen. 2003;11(Suppl 1):S1-S28.4. Robson MC. Innovations for wound bed preparation: The role of Drawtex hydroconductive dressings. Wounds. 2012;24(9) (Suppl):2.5. Wolvos T. Analysis of wound bed documentation in advanced wound care using where fluid needs to be removed,Drawtex, a hydroconductive dressing with LevaFiber technology. Wounds. 2012;24(9)(Suppl):9-10.6. Wolcott RD, Cox S. The effects of a hydroconductive dressing on wound biofilm. Wounds. 2012;24(9) (Suppl):14-16.7. Ortiz RT, Moffatt LT, et al. In vivo and in vitro evaluation of the properties of Drawtex LevaFiber wound dressing in an infected managed, or contained. 13 burn wound model. Wounds. 2012;24(9) (Suppl):3-5.8. Ochs D, Uberti G, et al. Evaluation of mechanisms of action of a hydroconductive wound dressing (Drawtex) in chronic wounds. Wounds. 2012;24(9) (Suppl):6-8.9. Nwomeh BC, Yager DR, et al. Physiology of the chronic wound. Clin Plast Surg. 1998;25:341-356.10. Tarnuzzer RW, Schultz GS. Biochemical analysis of acute and chronic wound environments. Wound Rep Regen. 1996;4:321-325.11. Mast BA, Schultz GS. Interactions of cytokines, growth factors, and Drawtex can be easily cut and shaped to fit each type of wound. proteases in acute and chronic wounds. Wound Rep Regen. 1996;4:411-420.12. Wendelken M, Lichtenstein P, et al. Detoxification of venous ulcers with a novel hydroconductive Effective for: wound dressing that absorbs and transports chronic wound fluid away from the wound. Wounds. 2012;24(9) (Suppl):11-13.13. Amling J. The Use of Hydroconductive Dressings to Prevent and Treat Skin Excoriation in Young Children. Ostomy Wound Management. 2015; 61(5): 16-17. 14. Wachtel TL. A novel tracheostomy dressing: Extension of aFistula management 15Tunneling Sacral shape Rope shape Tracheostomy & Drain shape hydroconductive wound dressing. Ostomy Wound Management. 2013; 59(2):10-11. 15. Denham D. Treating Entercutaneous Fistulas With a Hydroconductive Dressing. OstomySinus tractsPacking To fold into heart-shaped To fill cavities or cover Tube shape To drain by way of cutting Wound Management. 2014; 60(2): 8, 10. Undermining wounds, while vertical cuts amputations. To fit around G-tubes strips with the opposite endsplay slightly, and trach tubes. Drawtex going into a colostomy bag.filling the area. Tracheostomy Dressing mayCatalog # 00321 also be used.Distributed by: URGO Medical North America, formerly known as SteadMed Medical, LLC.3801 Hulen Street, Suite 251, Fort Worth, TX 76107To order, call 1-855-888-8273 or visit www.urgomedical.usManufactured by: Beier Drawtex Healthcare(Patented and other patents pending) 2018 URGO Medical North America. All rights reserved.Drawtex and LevaFiber are trademarks of Beier Drawtex Healthcare (Pty) Ltd. Item # 101-LT005SteadMed, the SteadMed logo, Urgo, and the Urgo logo are registered trademarks of URGO Medical North America. Rev. 10/18'