RestaTM Crème

Resta Crème provides superior lubricating and moisturizing protection for your skin. It “melts” on contact, penetrating skin cell layers and holding in moisture for 12 hours at a time. Use twice a day to help “normalize” severe dry skin conditions. Will not irritate the most sensitive skin. Waterproof, fragrance free, preservative-free, hypoallergenic, and non-comedogenic (will not clog pores). Apply a small amount of Crème to the risk area at any time, but ideally apply after washing or hydrating and at bedtime to trap in maximum moisture. Apply twice daily, as needed, and allow Resta Crème to soak into skin.


RestaTM SilverGel

Resta SilverGel, an Antimicrobial Wound Gel is tested to kill for at least three days. Resta SilverGel is completely clear, allowing clinical observation of the wound bed.

Resta SilverGel accomplishes the following goals:
  • Crystal-clear, broad-spectrum antimicrobial protection
  • Amorphous gel allows full antimicrobial contact with entire wound bed
  • Sustained and effective silver ion release for at least three days proven by comprehensive testing
  • Non-cytotoxic


Resta lite bottles (16 fluid ounces bottle with pump and 3 ounce tube).

RestaTM Lite

Resta Lite lotion is perfect for daily moisturizing of face, hands, and body. Resta Lite is especially effective immediately after your shower or bath, using the unique Resta Crème base to provide a watertight moisture barrier that not only adds water to your skin but also seals in remaining surface moisture.

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