International guidelines recognize the superior efficacy of multi-component bandages.

"Multi-component bandages are more effective than single-component bandages."1

"Multi-component systems containing an elastic bandage appear to be more effective than those composed mainly of inelastic constituents."2

So, what does more effective compression look like?

  • It will allow you to deliver continuous therapeutic compression.
  • It will make consistently achieving this therapeutic compression possible.
  • It will be comfortable enough for your patient to leave on throughout the treatment.


A unique MoA: Dual compression with PresSure system

The UrgoK2 dual compression system combines the benefits of inelastic and elastic bandages to ensure continuous, consistent, and comfortable pressure3

Two active compression bandages that together provide the target dosage your patient needs



A venous leg ulcer does not sleep at night. That's why applying continuous pressure is so important. UrgoK2 guarantees continuous pressure day and night — whether the patient is in motion or not.4


UrgoK2 removes the guesswork about whether your patient is getting the effective compression to heal, thanks to easy-to-follow visual guides.

Unique, patented indicator presSure system guarantees correct stretch.

Two size options ensure correct overlap is achieved

First time's the charm

85% of nurses achieved the recommended pressure on their first application of UrgoK26


A night-and-day difference

According to patients, UrgoK2 provides comfortable compression around the clock for better concordance.

What patient doesn't want to get back to normal? UrgoK2 is more breathable and less bulky than other bandages, helping your patients maintain their everyday life.

  • Easy to wear with shoes
  • Good ankle mobility
  • Low sensations of itchiness and heat

Supported by the highest level of evidence

Randomized Controlled Trial: Non-inferiority versus 4-layer, easier to apply and well-tolerated

UrgoK2 has all of your patients covered

As your partner, Urgo Medical North America is engaged in training clinicians. If you want to organize a training session on UrgoK2, please contact your local account manager.

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